Online Meeting Facilitation

Want to host an online meeting? Need technical support to ensure everything goes off without a hitch? Unsure of where to start or what platform to use? Let us help.
At Canadian Webinar Solutions, we’re thrilled to offer meeting hosting and facilitation for any occasion. Whether your company is planning an annual meeting, conference with the board of directors, or a team sit-down, we’ll be there to help setup and support it from anywhere in the world.

Our team will help you through every step of setting up and maintaining an online meeting. We specialize in

Invitation and participant registration

Meeting recording

Post-meeting evaluation and reporting

Pre-Online Meeting

  • Our team will email invitation links to all participants.
  • We will also provide phone numbers for those without internet access.
  • Apps are also available to participants on their phones for both Apple and Android users.

Online Meeting Date

  • We will be ready before the video call commences to test connections and participant call quality.
  • Our team will be online making sure any shared content (be it through screen sharing, video or audio presentations) are ready to go and working correctly.
  • We’ll be on call to provide technical support throughout the meeting’s runtime.

During the Online Meeting

  • We are able to mute users creating unnecessary background noise.
  • Can remove anyone unknown to the host at their discretion.
  • Q&A polling and voting capabilities for the participants
  • Welcome videos queued up for anyone joining the meeting prior to it starting

Post-Online Meeting

  • Provide an HD recording of the video call that can be shared amongst participants.
  • Provide technical and specification reports about the online video conference once concluded.