Celebration of Life

Making sure your memories are preserved

With the continuing effects of Covid-19 reaching across the world, preserving the memories of loved ones has become all the more difficult. When a family experienced a loss, it used to be an opportunity for everyone to come together and share those memories with one another while commemorating the life that ended. Funeral services are still being held, but due to the current climate, family members living abroad will be unable to safely join those closest to them in mourning.

Canadian Webinar Solutions is providing families with an option to stay together distantly by hosting funerals and celebrations of life online that can be attended by anyone the host invites. These online sessions will include features for the host to take advantage of such as:

Invitations, Registrations, and Hosting

  • Assigned speakers who will be able to participate remotely from home, selected by the host.
  • Worldwide access. Anyone invited to a funeral or celebration of life hosted by Canadian Webinar Solutions will only need an online connection in order to participate
  • Video feed customization. If an invited participant in the celebration is unable to join via video, the host can provide images and names to represent those in the call, in order to keep everyone identifiable to others.


  • Named invite registration/landing page and email invitations/reminders/confirmations leading up to the event.
  • Customized video layout tailored by the host
  • Memory slideshows that include content (be it video, photo, or other) provided digitally by both the host and participants to play during the event.
  • Audio only option as a backup for those unable to participate in a video call
  • High Definition video recording. By celebrating these memories of the life that has passed, we are also creating new ones together. Canadian Webinar Solutions will record all events to preserve theses moments of remembrance for the host to distribute after the event.


  • Text, Email and phone support for the host and attendees ahead of, and throughout the event.
  • Instructions on how to join the event including a troubleshooting section.
  • Test with the host ahead of the event to ensure video and audio production quality.

Technical and Pricing

  • Platform of choice to be determined with host
  • Pricing per event, no subscription cost or extra fees

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Our team has over 10 collective years of webinar production experience, and over 30 in video production. With locations in three Canadian cities, our team is ready to help you and your loved ones locally and remotely.