Providing personalized solutions to help your organization
deliver seriously good webinars and host any size of meeting

We work with only the best meeting and webinar platforms on the market

Webinar Production

We provide expert webinar production services tailored to your specific needs. Our team will schedule your event with a trusted webinar service provider and set up an easy to use registration page. We will develop a logistics plan to make sure all required elements are in place. On the day of the webinar, our staff will take care of running and monitoring the webinar to ensure that everything is functioning correctly, allowing you to focus your attention on the presentation itself.

Webinar Consulting

Do you have questions about any aspect of the webinar process? We offer a wide variety of webinar consulting services to help you plan and organize an effective and professional webinar. We can provide you with recommendations on how to set up your webinar and what technologies to use. Our experts will answer any questions that you have about webinar execution and functionality.  We can also provide expertise on marketing or promoting your webinar to ensure you are maximizing your audience.

Online Meetings

We can help your organization host meetings of any size online. Whether it’s your Executive team of five members, or your entire staff of 500, we can make sure that everyone can get online and meet together. Our online meeting solutions can also allow for presentations, screen and document sharing, running polls, and much more. We also ensure that only your team members are in attendance, with enterprise-grade security functionality.

Education & Teaching Online

We offer a number of webinar education and teaching services. In a modern world where remote learning is becoming increasingly popular, webinars are an optimal platform for providing educational programming and courses online. Webinars serve as a perfect virtual classroom that is conducive to teacher-student interaction and scalable to any required audience size. They are also well equipped to assist with sharing and presenting educational materials, course outlines and syllabi.

Training and Coaching for Presenters

Do you or one of your presenters need help with your webinar presentation? Our team has a wealth of experience in preparing and executing presentations. We can provide you with training and coaching services that will help you develop your online presentation skills. Our team will review presentation materials with you and provide feedback on how to make them professional and effective. We will even run a practice presentation session with you ahead of time to prepare you for the event.

Looking for Something Else?

Our team has over 15 years of collective experience hosting webinars and online meetings. If you have a specific webinar or meeting need that is not addressed in our other services, feel free to contact us directly to discuss it. We will gladly provide our expertise and help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s developing a large scale webinar campaign, hosting your annual general meeting online, or providing additional moderation or training services, we can provide you with customized webinar and online meeting services that meet your needs.

Looking for Something Else?

Our team has over 15 years of collective experience hosting webinars and online meetings. If you have a specific webinar or